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The laboratory environment is constantly evolving, and the equipment, furnishings, consumables, PPE, everything that feeds and supports the analytical process, is evolving in the same proportions and at the same speed. In order to keep up with the times and to enable you to offer your patients a high quality product, at the top of knowledge, we open the doors of our academy to you.

Discover new products, new applications, testimonies, presentations, webinars, find out everything that is current on your workbenches.



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    Choosing the best vaginal sampling solution for an HPV diagnostic campaign, learning more about the benefits of the KIMA boric acid tube, discovering our offer for industry and research, or for pipetting on your bench… we address many topics of interest to the laboratory manager, the technician, the qualitician, the student or the researcher.

    Ask for our schedule, we will be happy to spend  a moment with you to share a common interest.